New Rivals

You hear it at every tailgate, sung along to the beat of their over-pretentious and annoying fight song. You see it on Yik Yak and experience it in casual conversations around campus: F*** FSU. Maybe it’s their eye-aching school colors, or that Tallahassee’s finest restaurants resemble Miami’s roadkill, but the sound of Florida State University hits a nerve with every UM student. This acrimony personally arose when I saw a video go viral of one UM student knocking out a whole entourage of FSU students at the most recent UM vs. FSU game . I couldn’t help laughing and sharing it with my family and friends; it was evil and pure violence, and it. was. awesome.

We’ve been rivals with Florida State since the beginning of time, and appropriately so, since they are the only other ACC school located in Florida. Our traditions of hating each other go back to when Miami was nicknamed “Sun Tan U” and the state’s capital wasn’t called Tallanasty.   A lot has changed since then, so why shouldn’t our rivalries?

Moving into basketball season we had high hopes for the Hurricanes. The roster included:
-Tonye Jekiri: a 7-foot senior center that lives to rebound (and is really, really good at it)
-Sheldon Mclellan: ranked with the top shooting percentage by a guard in the ACC
-Ja’Quan Newton: the rising star to watch – starting only five games this season he has already racked up 183 points
-Angel Rodriguez: the Puerto Rican fireball that stands at a mere 5’11 with over 1000 career points

All of these talents are lead by Coach Jim Larranaga. In 2013, Larranaga brought the Canes to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen; in doing so he was awarded: the AP, Naismith, USBWA Henry Iba and ACC Coach of the year.

With stats like these, the Hurricanes are a powerhouse ACC team and a storm to be reckoned with. A team like us rivals the Blue Devils and Tar Heels much more so than the unranked Seminoles. And as much as we hate the Seminole Chop or despise the Gator Chomps, just imagine how much ‘Canes fans can tear apart the Cameron Crazies, widely known as the most hated basketball fans in the nation.

FSU should be something of the past. The kind of relationship that mirrors your high school breakup. Finally realizing when you come to college you have nothing in common, you began to see different people and by November (basketball season) things have changed just too much over time and it’s completely over. It’s for the best and you’ll always love to hate each other (that fuck FSU chant is just TOO good).

The Hurricanes are currently ranked at 15th overall, higher than Duke and UNC. However, the two losses last week to UVA (13), and Clemson (unranked, which hurts, that hurts a lot)  gave us a huge drop in the rankings from 8th to 15th , but that just makes the upcoming Duke game on January 25th THAT much more important. So let’s all #packthebuc like we always dream to and the shirts always say to. Give some support to your ‘Canes and let’s put our new rivals into place.

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