The Best of Monday Night Football and the Future of the NFL

The Monday night matchup of LA Rams’ vs The Kansas City Chiefs was a crazy, fast-paced, high scoring spectacle of sport, but it was so much more than that. The Rams win of 54-51 was a glimpse into the future of America’s favourite game.

It was a nail-biter until the very end, the type of games that send bettors into cardiac arrest and brings in forever fans to the NFL. No words can illustrate the wonder that occurred in Los Angeles on Monday night, but the statistics can certainly help…

  • 14 combined TD’s (more than the Bills this season)
  • 1,001 combined total yards
  • 105 points (Most in MNF history)
  • Mahomes: first to throw 6 touchdowns in a MNF game
  • 1st game in NFL history with both teams scoring 50+ points

The game played out to be more like a Hollywood movie than a football match, it was stunning to say the least. The two teams had identical records heading into the game, each titans in their own regards, there was high anticipation for what this game could be, but no one could have said they predicted this.

Mahomes was 33 of 46 for 478 yards, six touchdowns and three interceptions. Goff was 31 of 49 for 413 yards, four touchdowns no interceptions. Tyreek Hill was on another level in with 215 receiving yards and two touchdowns. It was the type of elite football game fans melt over, as players do too. It was “Four quarters of craziness” said Goff to ESPN post-game.

This game is sure to be talked about in the coming years, and possibly the next decade. The high anticipation, the rigorous back and forth, the never-ending push and pull for power from Goff and Mahomes. There were four lead changes in the fourth quarter alone, and six throughout the game. Just when you though the Chiefs had it, the Rams bite back- and that pattern echoed through the game up until the very end.

Undoubtedly, if this really is the future of the NFL some fans will be disappointed. It’s an almost defenseless game, we may even look back nostalgically to when teams scored 30 points combined. But no one can say they could tear away their eyes from the screen Monday night, the offense-heavy future of the NFL is too stunning to not be astounded by. From the wide-open playmaking schemes, creative and explosive players like Hill, and the persistence from McVay and Reid from the sidelines, every spectator had something to drool over. If this game is any indication of the next generation of football,  well, I’m going to need a bigger DVR.

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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