Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Why the Heisman Needs a New Timeline

“College football has changed a lot since the 1930’s.” That’s a loaded sentence with an infinite number of statements that could follow it up. Whether its scandals, emerging teams, grade requirements, coaching, recruiting, or Lee Corso, that made college football into what it is today, its changed (hopefully for the better). It’s a whole new […]

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The Devil’s Trio

The spectacle that happened last night was more than just beginners’ luck. Duke has another star-studded rookie roster. In another blue vs blue matchup, this didn’t seem like a #4 seed playing a #2 seed, it was more a varsity vs college practice. The score shows this skill level difference more than anything, 118-84. Although […]

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A Different Type of Miami Deejay

**Taken From My Writing on State Of The U** He’s now known as a starting running-back for Miami, but it’s only been a year since Deejay Dallas made the switch from receiver. Regardless of the flexibility and drive Dallas has to switch positions and remain on top, he prefers to be called an athlete before claiming […]

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Questions for Kickoff

The first regular season NFL games begin tomorrow. Hallelujah. We’ve survived a long off-season and now can finally count down the minutes until our favourite athletes are under the bright lights. All excitement put aside, there’s many questions coming into play before anyone hits the field. Here’s some to get you excited (or worried) for […]

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The U (May Still Be) Back

*Repost from my article on State of the U* Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports We all watched it happen. Under the dazzling Dallas lights & stars, with expectations greater than a booster’s wallet, the Hurricanes crashed down 33-17 against the LSU Tigers. Hoping to wake up this morning thinking it was all a dream, the […]

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Hurricanes Spring Game

You would be lying if you said you were a Hurricanes fan and don’t miss football season. The tailgates, the flashy Dyme Lyfe gear, the smoke, last year’s infamous Turnover Chain, and of course, the team itself. Spring game brings back something special for all Hurricane fans, especially for the 15,875 that were in attendance […]

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NFL Combine Break Down

The NFL scouting combine can be compared to a game show for these college football prospects. Except the stakes are a little higher. Instead of winning a car or a Caribbean cruise, these hopeful draft prospects win either their dream career and a ticket to the NFL, or lose big on something they’ve worked on […]

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